I have a big, chart heavy report on research I did into how people prepare to give presentations. Problem is the charts are auto-generated and ugly. I mean hit by every ugly stick imaginable ugly.

I need a designer to grab the jpegs of the charts and basically de-uglify them. Given my lame Photoshop skills, it would take me a few hours to do, but an experienced designer could probably do it in half an hour.

Update: This job was filled.

I’m happy to pay $100 for someone to do it.

You’ll also get nice exposure here on the site when I post the report.

And I have small design projects like this for the site from time to time.

If you’re interested, do this:

  • I need to see your portfolio. So have a link to it.
  • I need this done by 1/26.
  • There are about 1o or 12 simple bar charts. That’s it.
  • Send me email with 1) a link to your portfolio, and 2) your favorite flavor of ice-cream
  • This site is powered with the magic of space age email to send my best posts to you each month. No hassle, no spam, no fuss. (privacy policy enforced by my Rotweiller)

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9 Responses to “Need a graphic designer for small project”

  1. ML Web Consulting |

    Did you find a designer, I would hook you up for link and some exposure. :)

  2. Drew Provan |

    Try using Apple Numbers rather than Excel and you’ll get fantastic graphs, charts, etc.

    • Scott Berkun |

      Not Excel: It’s output from an online survey tool (no options).

  3. Rex |

    Was curious to know if this job still stands

    • Scott Berkun |

      Hi Rex: Sorry, it’s long gone. I updated the post – thanks.

  4. stephen |

    I love small projects, too bad position is filled.

  5. Hi Needz |


    Hi Needz is Professional (Expert Certified) Graphic Designer working on vWorker Platform and has accomplished more than 450 Projects.

    Visit my Portfolio:- http://hineedz.blogspot.com


  6. Ramin |

    Hi, my name is Ramin and i’m a Graphic Designer working on TJ Design Studio with more than 300 Projects.


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