You Pick The Ad for My Book (Get a signed copy of The Year Without Pants)

The fine folks at Jossey-Bass are working on some web ads for The Year Without Pants.

We’ve narrowed it down to two candidates – which do you think is best?

These ads will run on major business websites when the book officially launches (Sept. 17th)

Leave a comment with your thoughts: one lucky commenter will get a signed copy of the book.


Design B: Big Red

Round 3 - Red

Design A: Clouds

Round 3 - Clouds

84 Responses to “You Pick The Ad for My Book (Get a signed copy of The Year Without Pants)”

  1. Henrik Olsen

    Clous. No Douth.

  2. WAD

    Disclaimer: I have not read anyone’s comments. Obviously, the cloud one. When I saw “red”, stop came to my mind and it usually means “problem”. Example: red yellow green as shown on traffic light. For cloud, it means dreaming on! Cheers, WAD

    1. Scott

      For voting purposes it’s better that you didn’t read the comments first :)

  3. jamesian

    Sigh. In the minority again.too many fluffy clouds in adverse. Go gutsy.

    1. Scott

      I see your point, but there is something hilarious about the contrast of the happy fluffy clouds with the bright red underwear on the cover. Makes me laugh every time.

  4. Kristen

    The red ad only because the clouds IMMEDIATELY remind me of Twitter, which I’d mentally tune out if I were surfing a website.

  5. Stacey

    I would most definitely go with Big Red, design B. It’s much more… professional, I think. Simplistic, but it works :)

  6. Tim Cigelske

    Go with the blue. Blue signals trust, red signals danger, anger and alertness. I think your message meshes best with putting people at ease over increasing their heart rate.

  7. rwdownearth

    I way prefer the red one; it much better prepares the stage in line with the cover of the book., red immediately draws ones attention.

    The cloud, on the contrary, I associate with either something cloudy, cloud computing or whatever.

    So, from my point of view, the red carpet is the way to go.

  8. Dan Whitaker

    I simply liked the look of the Big Red piece over the Cloud version.

  9. Jason DELEO

    The clouds reminded me of a power point presentation. The Red one got my blood pumping and made me want to see the next “slide”.

  10. Logan

    Clouds. Some have said that they’d tune out the clouds, but I fee like I’d tune out the read background.

  11. Ivaylo

    Definitely option A – the clouds! Option B is not bad, but is inconsistent – there is no other reason to change the background from red to gray (i.e. that will connect to the appearence of item #4) other than that the book is red, so no – option A is better.

  12. Catherine G

    While I like the clouds, I think that Big Red may have a better chance at standing out visually on a “big business website” — this might be a more important consideration in this case then anything concept driven.


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