Three reasons to hire Berkun

Best Selling Author / Popular Speaker

1. Experience you can count on

Berkun has done 600+ in-person and remote speaking engagements, at major companies, events and organizations like Microsoft, The NFL, FedEx, Amazon, Fidelity, Apple, Netflix and more. From large event keynotes to online, Zoom based virtual presentations. You’ll have confidence that your audience will leave smiling, educated and inspired. Read the testimonials, watch full videos or see his popular talk menu. You can read his full bio here.

2. Engaging, inspiring and practical

He excels at balancing engaging and relatable true stories, with useful insights and a dynamic style. He knows how to deliver – enough that he’s often hired by organizations to train teams to improve their speaking skills (based on his bestselling book, Confessions of A Public Speaker).

3. Will help your event succeed

He’s an event organizer himself and knows how hard a job it is (and how hard speakers can be to work with). He’ll chat with you to understand your goals and audience and make sure he’s a good fit. He’s easy and straightforward to work with (no diva contract or rock star travel requirements). He’ll stay at your event to hang out with your audience, and sign books if you like, rather than speak and run (schedule permitting). Plus he’ll post custom messages to his twitter and mailing list to help with promotion.

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“Scott absolutely crushed it at our conference.  He was smart, funny and engaging.  He gave the audience a lot of actionable ideas and insights to take away.  It’s no surprise that he was the highest rated speaker at our event. I highly recommend Scott for your next event or conference.”  
– Jeff Perkins, CMO, QASymphony

“Scott was great! Funny, inspiring and practical. A great storyteller and keynote for any event”
– Clint Wagner. Senior Director, NFL (National Football League)

“Scott drew a capacity crowd of our top Amazon talent. This is a tough group to engage on the subject of creativity, and Scott was more than up for the task. He captivated the room with an inspirational, provocative, and humorous talk, full of takeaways that I’ve put into practice with my team.”
– Darcy Menard, Manager, 

“Scott was an amazing presenter… not only did he surprise us with new and unconventional insights into creativity, he also kept us hooked with engaging stories and anecdotes. If Scott is speaking near you, drop what you’re doing and go check him out!” 
-Carter Morgan, Developer Advocate, Google

“He was the ideal speaker to motivate staff to think differently about the way they approach work and about what it really means to innovate.”
Greg Denehy, Innovation Project Manager, Australian Department of Defense

“Scott Berkun brings a dynamism and authenticity to speaking about creativity and innovation.  He dazzled a group of highly creative communications leaders at Ketchum by sharing his myths of innovation through memorable anecdotes and storytelling.  I’m excited to bring him back to do the dance of the possible.  He’s fun and he’s funny and he knows how to keep a jaded crowd engaged.”
– Karen Strauss. Partner/Chief Strategy and Creativity Director, Ketchum

“Highly recommend engaging Scott for your event… a gifted speaker with loads of energy and enthusiasm, Scott was genuinely interested in our association and what our members are doing to transform the field… to this day, attendees refer back to the content he presented.”
– Wendy Green, Leading Age

Popular Keynote Talks

1. How Design Makes The World

Everything we use, from social media to our highways to our office desk, was designed by someone. They make decisions on our behalf, for better and for worse. What can we learn from how designers think about the world? And how we can we use their perspective to improve our own lives? And be wiser about what we use, buy and make? Based on the new book, How Design Makes The World. If you’ve heard about “design thinking”, this talk teaches everyone how to better understand good design.

2. The Myths of Innovation

This talk explores the surprising real truth, pulled from exhaustive research into the history of great products and ideas, about how ideas work and what organizations need to do to better cultivate creativity. Includes advice on what managers and individuals can do to improve their own creativity. Based on the bestseller, The Myths of Innovation.

3. How to Master Remote Presentations

An insiders guide for how to improve your organization’s idea pitching, storytelling and communication skills. From overcoming fears, to writing material, to better approaches for practice, in less than an hour your team will dramatically improve their ability to pitch, present and communicate online through Zoom and other tools. Based in part on the bestseller, Confessions of A Public Speaker.

4. The Honest Guide to Practical Creativity

Many talks on creativity are surprisingly uncreative, repeating the same myths and misnomers. This fast paced talk debunks the erronous beliefs most people have about how ideas work and provides a fun and easy to learn way to improve creative habits and outcomes. Based on the book, The Dance of The Possible.

5. Overcoming Creative Burnout in a Remote Work World

We’ve all been forced to reinvent how we work, think and communicate. For creative professionals the challenges of avoiding burnout are bigger than ever. You’ll learn how to manage your creative energy, what team leaders and managers need to relearn, and the easy habits that will reclaim your sanity and productivity. Based on the book, The Dance of The Possible.

Many other topics available

Including: How to Lead Project Teams, The Political Playbook for People with Ideas, The Future of Work, How To Give Feedback on Ideas, Managing and Learning from Failure and other topics pulled from his many books and essays.

Full talk videos from events

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The Dance of The Possible

Saving Your Creative Soul

How Progress Happens

The 6 Big Speaking Mistakes and How To Avoid Them

The Myths of Innovation

How to write 1000 words (live)

Feedback without Frustration

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