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    What's the number one thing high school students need to hear?

    563 votes. Asked by Jerry Nixon on . View more.


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    What are the real virtues in procrastinating?

    441 votes. Asked by Jonas Altman on . View more.

    I know there are (at least I’ve read so and have experienced) but would love to hear from your worldview and experiences.

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    How do I correct my bad behaviors, so I do not lose anymore good jobs?

    402 votes. Asked by Vickie Wickard on . View more.

     I know I have a problem keeping my mouth shut at work. I have been fired several times for the same thing. I work in Human Resources and I am sure that is not the right place for me with the problem I have with keeping my mouth shut. I get emotionally involved with the employees and if it’s a small issue, by the time I am done talking to them I have found a way to enlarge it and make more of it than it needs to be. I exaggerate when speaking with employees about things that are confidential. I feel that my problem is lack of self worth and I need to engage in the exaggerated gossip, so that I seem bigger, and better than I think I am. I know when I’m doing it, but can’t mentally stop my self. I am now unemployed again, and before my boss let me go, he stated that I have a lot of really great qualities. I am a very friendly positive person towards the employees, but when it comes to some of the garbage that goes on in the office I seem to dwell on it and can’t keep shut about it. I do not know if this is part of my mental illness or something else. I have had depression and have been on medication for 30 years. I need help. I am in my late 50’s and do not know if at my age I can get another job. I am scared to, because I know what the end results will be. What can I do to keep me from sabotaging myself again?

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    What are the 5 tips that you would give to an entrepreneur and an example of how these tips have affected your life?

    396 votes. Asked by Daniel Trejo Peña on . View more.


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    How do I create a new Economy....Buddhist Economy, E.F. Schumacher, Small is Beautiful...Economic as If People Mattered.

    387 votes. Asked by Amy Evans on . View more.

    I know what is going on out there. I can show you in a few websites, but the later is pretty intense. It is not looking very good, but there is a way forward. By the way, your, Don’t Be Precious was very helpful because I have a Mandalas. Well, did have. Will start to create new ones for the new journey. A journey of Creation as I do believe we can manufacture again and I am not a kin to globalization for many reasons. I can go on and on about what I know, have been looking at everything very intensely since 2011, when I got caught up in a very illegal court case down in AZ. I currently live in OR. Fled up here. You all do not have a clue as to what is ogoing on in the rest of the US. All very scary.

    I do know there is a way forward, but it will have to come from the ground up and I am not of any politics, or religion as they both are very agenda driven and broken. Preacher’s kid here, well woman and not of that anymore. However, my father was a Bohemian and raised a Bohemian Daughter. LOL. The Best man ever, who went through hell.

    Any thoughts on how to get people on board? It is called creating a new market. Well since they are now investing in debt, I think think this one is better.

    In The Light

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    Why people change their core being when someone close dies and money is involved

    358 votes. Asked by Deneen on . View more.

     My mom died in April and I have an older sister and a “very Christian” younger brother. He was named executor of the trust. Him and his wife were buddy buddy with my sister and still are. Of course they lied a lot. My brother became a full fledged liar and manipulator, he was going to make me reasonable for a debt nor mine, he put me through he’ll. My sister lied and manipulated as well. So when it was all said and it structurally change any kind of real relationship we will ever have so when I lost my mom and my family

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    What advice do you have for people who work in corporate positions, knowing that each day we commit to our job is one more day we're not working against climate change?

    333 votes. Asked by Issara Willenskomer on . View more.


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    What are your thoughts on 'content ownership' as Fred Wilson raised it in a recent post?

    322 votes. Asked by Vinish Garg on . View more.

    Last month, Fred Wilson shared his thoughts on content ownership for why he never hosts his content elsewhere (say, on Medium), at: Later I noticed Josh (of Baremetrics) too echoing the same views:

    However, it is also true that many individuals (Mark Suster) and companies (Basecamp) host their content on Medium. Wonder what are your thoughts on content ownership! Thank you

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    How do you protect or change your narrative in a workplace environment?

    295 votes. Asked by Tyler on . View more.

     How do you make yourself more appealing to work authority and coworkers while simultaneously having your work verbally demeaned. How do you protect your workmanship and idea’s when others are so quick to take credit or others are so quick to shoot down such ideas?

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    Is social media good or bad for the world?

    261 votes. Asked by Kyle Winward on . View more.

    This reminds me of a perpetual question on Facebook’s surveys: “I believe Facebook is good for the world”.

    I am a Generation X-er. Personally, the world seemed like a friendlier place when we had time to think before responding, taking sides, etc. Is there any hope for respectful dialogue in this country to occur again? It seems like it is becoming an endangered quality even at institutions of higher learning (my job sector).

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