Great talk: Life on a Möbius Strip

in Public Speaking, storytelling

One reason I rarely get excited about TED talks, although I do enjoy many of them, is I’m drawn towards the personal. For years I’ve been a bigger fan of the MOTH podcast, which is an evening of stories told without notes in from of live audiences. Although these talks are generally well presented, the […]

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How to give a great Ignite talk

in Ignite / Pecha-Kucha, storytelling, stunt talk

Ignite is a presentation format that’s simpler than Pecha Kucha but longer than lightening talks. In Ignite each speakers gets 5 minutes, and must use 20 slides with each slide advancing automatically after 15 seconds, forcing speakers to get the point, fast. Often Ignite events have a dozen or more speakers creating a fun evening with a wide range […]

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