Privacy and comments policy will never sell or distribute any personal or contact information you provide. If you join the mailing list you will only receive new essays, and occasional notifications of speaking events and other related things of interest Scott is up to.

Any comments posted have all rights reserved by this site. Including the right to edit out your typos, clean up your links, and even to edit, or delete entire comments that are inflammatory or moronic and do not amuse the overlords of this website.

Your email address will never be given to anyone else, not even extremely attractive and scantily clad people with lots of money falling out of their pockets that ask nicely for it. My dog Griz will never send you dog related emails, nor will he tell you about the great mortgage deals, diet plans, dog treats and body part enhancements he’s crafted just for you. Leaving your email makes it possible for Scott to respond privately for side conversations, gifting of magic spells and granting secret powers.

If you participate in any email based discussion groups hosted here, the same policy applies. However since any member of a given list can post to said list, we cannot guarantee that other people won’t on occasion send out stupid things, or act in annoying or unpredictable ways. If they persist in these activities, they will be warned in a dramatic and highly entertaining fashion, and then taken outside the alias and severely roughed up.

If you have any questions about this policy, Contact Scott.

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  1. Linda C. Brown

    Just found your website, Scott. Fantastic ideas for a beginning writer!!
    Thank you,
    Happy 2014



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