CHI 2007 – We want you

chi2007.jpgCHI 2007 , in San Jose, CA 4/28-5/3 2007, is the big dog of UI conferences – it’s one of the oldest, largest and most comprehensive ways to learn about what’s happening in the HCI / interface design world.

The big challenge is quality presenters – finding qualified people willing to get up there and teach. It’s all too easy to get rejected at CHI as so many folks want to participate. But this year something is different: I’m one of the gatekeepers.

So if you have good ideas for sessions – we want you.

I’m the co-chair for both the management and education communities – so if you’ve been waiting to contribute in these areas, and waiting for a crazy person to be at the controls, now is your chance to make a run for it.

Here’s the run down:

Courses: these are 90 minute or longer tutorials. If accepted you’ll recieve a $700 stipend per 90 minute segment you teach. We’re in big need of qualified folks interested in teaching.

Panels: Run a debate or reality tv show inspired session involving multiple presenters. I’m hoping someone will improve on the panel format – better speakers, more challenging topics – and remember we did the live competition Interactionary as a panel session.

Workshops: Full day discussions for small groups.

Reports: short, less formal papers on developments you’ve made in design, methods or other topics.

There are other session types, and Deadline for most things is Sept 1st, 2006 but check here for details.

Contact me if you have ideas, especially if you’re interested in submitting something related to UX management or HCI education.

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  1. Little Green Potato

    I’m nowhere near an expert qualified to contribute, but I would like to lodge a vote for specific session topics…

    A particularly tricky challenge we’re facing in our project right now is (as mentioned in your previous post) how to define a UI process within larger requirements gathering and A&D processes.

    With much larger projects it’s pretty easy – establish a UI design group with proper authority and define their tasks, whether it be all of screen design, establishing/enforcing vision or both.

    Our project, on the other hand, is in a weird place. It’s got enough BSAs and developers running amok to make a dog’s dinner of a very important UI, but small enough where management can’t see the value in starting up a dedicated UI team. They believe that by handing out a standards and guidelines document to all BSAs and giving them Visual Studio, they will be able to design screens just as good as any designer. Will this actually work?

    I tried to take a stab at creating a different process, but found that authoritative, practical advice on the particular topic of implementing UI process in teams seems scattered and somewhat vague (or assumes the presence of a UI design team). It would be nice to get some guidance and testimonials from pros on:

    1. Dos and Don’ts of UI Process on Small to Medium Sized Project Teams;
    2. Can Usability and Design Really Be Taught?
    3. How To Convince Management of UI/Usability Value (It’s Not Just Color)

    Maybe I’ve just not looked hard enough? Maybe my request for sessions along these lines is just a thinly-veiled lonely plea for help…



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