This week in ux-clinic: Being the UX hero

This week in the ux-clinic discussion forum– Being the UX hero:

Our group is in the process of launching a new version of our external website, but the solo developer left before it was finished. He claims it’s 90% done. No UX priniciples were used up to this point (we were busy on actual products). None of us have time to take it over, but we have a budget to bring in someone else.

I have two fears / opportunities:

1) There’s an opportunity to teach my org a few things about how UX should be done. If we bring someone in, will they be seen as the heroic talent, saving the day, and not my UX team?

2) If the day is saved, by us or by a contractor, I don’ t want the wrong lesson to be learned. I want to make sure that everyone understands this is not the right way to go about designing things (apply design magic dust in the last stretch). So how do I get design involved without teaching management and the org the wrong lesson?

– Being the UX hero

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  1. Patrick Corcoran

    Why does this have to be about “heroics”? “Saving the day”? Sounds like a bit of personal/team ego is complicating the central mission, which is to deliver software that doesn’t suck.

    My advice is to fix first the pressing problem of bad/no UX design, and by any means necessary. Save for the post-mortem the considerations of how a perfect development scenario might have played out differently.


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