I’m hiring: job opening for pmclinic

Five years ago I started a simple little discussion list called pmclinic. The idea was simple: e-mail out a real world management situation on Monday, discuss it all week, write a summary on Friday.

Unlike most discussion lists, the idea created a surprisingly high signal to noise ratio. As the months went by, without any PR or much of a web presence, the list grew. Today the list has over 1000 members. We’ve covered hundreds of situations, and the list is still going strong.

There are dozens of things that need to be done, from making the list archives public, to getting the list out of the technology dark ages. And the best way for that to happen is to hand the reigns over to someone new.

This opportunity could be great for either a veteran who’s looking for something fun and different to work on with big networking opportunities, or even a rock star intern, college student, or journeyman who’s looking for experience and to build a reputation.

Job title: Project Manager

Project: PMCLINIC 2.0

Description: Lead the planning, brainstorming, organization and development of a new online community for the 1,000+ community of leaders, PMs and managers who reside on the legendary pmclinic. Objectives include taking the list out of the technological dark ages and onto the web, while retaining the stellar signal to noise ratio, and e-mail only options, subscribers cherish. It’s a huge opportunity to play a rare leadership role on a high visibility project in the tech-sector, software development and project management communities.

The current forum has a ghetto web home: https://scottberkun.com/pmclinic/.

What you will get:

  • Ridiculous amounts of autonomy and leadership opportunities
  • Use of Scott Berkun, or other select list personalities of your choice, as your top henchman & aides
  • Some funding for webhosting and other basic costs
  • Serious industry fame and acclaim
  • But no salary – this is a volunteer position

Skills required:

  • Ability to lead a small virtual volunteer team
  • Talent for recruiting, nagging, rewarding, and bribing volunteers
  • Willingness to work without immediate financial reward
  • Zero tolerance for bullshit / High standards for what you put your name on
  • Pride, Passion, Attention to detail, Sarcasm, Mind-control, Omnipotence (optional, but desired)
  • Skill with (at least some of ): web development, mailing list software, wikis, web design, mastering things you claim you know but really don’t until after you’re hired, networking with people who possess skills you do not

How to apply:

  1. Re-read the above, carefully this time.
  2. Send a brief note and a resume to info at scottberkun.com
  3. No specific experience required. Just need to convince me you’ll kick ass in this role.

6 Responses to “I’m hiring: job opening for pmclinic”

  1. Chris Mahan

    What? No takers from the email last week?

    To be honest, I entertained the thought, but then I saw you wanted a resume, so I said to myself: he’s probably looking for a higher-caliber person, so I’m not going to waste my time or his.

    Besides, it’s hard work building/energizing a community.

  2. Scott

    High powered, shmi-powered. I want someone who is going to kick-ass, that’s all.

    I’m not looking for oodles of pm experience – passion and potential trump experience anyway for something like this – but I do need to know your background, whatever it might be.

  3. Trena

    you had me at “henchman”

  4. Jerry Perone

    I just became aware of this tonight. Can you tell me if you still are looking for someone? I definitely have the experience as you will see when I send my resume but before I do I wanted to find out if you still need someone. please advise. Thank you. Jerry


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