The worst keyboard in the world

Ok, I confess, I have seen worse keyboards in the world. But this is definitely the worst space bar I’ve ever seen. I found this gem at an Internet kiosk in the Minneapolis airport, on my way back from Pittsburgh last week.


My complaints:

  • Do not SPLIT my space bar. The spot in the middle is where my thumbs work their magic!
  • Really. I mean, it’s called a bar, not a series of goofy keys.
  • Do not make the remaining buttons small, as hitting the side by accident results always in either 0 or 2 spaces.

Anyone else come across evil keyboards in their travels? I want photos!

8 Responses to “The worst keyboard in the world”

  1. RalphMiz

    YES! I’ve seen this – and used to hate them! During my days over at Baruch College in NY..
    Keep it up!

  2. Jason

    A coworker of mine picked up a similar keyboard somewhere, and the key selling point was resistance to vandalism.

  3. Susan

    I don’t have a picture, but about five years ago the local public library replaced its standard keyboards with something where the space bar was truncated, and the left 40% of it was a backspace key instead. Since I tap spacebar with my LEFT thumb, this caused me no end of frustration.

  4. Susan

    Garg. Patent #5711624 describes the abominable thing, and it contains this gem of a rationalization: “(Almost all touch typists only use the right thumb to activate the spacebar and do not use the left thumb at all.)”

    My spacebar is worn shiny on the left side.

  5. Scott

    Susan: I’m a lefty, so mine is all shiny on the left side too :)

  6. Sean Crawford

    Recently I took comfort in reading that writer David Gerrold finds it frustrating to touch type on the Macbook Air keyboard.

    I don’t like that keyboard either. But that’s what I use. Plus the same keyboard in wireless for my big imac.
    I had thought my problem was just me, as I switched boards at the very same time I switched to learning dvorak. (And dumped my old keyboard)

    BTW, I did not need to re-label my keys, not for touch typing.
    Since Apple says the new keyboard is full size, I think the main problem is it does not have beveled keys. How silly.


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