Best advice I’ve seen for web startups

In 25 minutes, David Heinemeier Hannson of 37 Signals slices through most of the nonsense and hype around startup companies that I’ve heard over the years, including several myths around innovation (I don’t think he even uses the word once, until someone asks a question that includes it).  It’s by far the most bs free talk about start-ups and web entrepreneurship I’ve seen. Peter Drucker would love this.

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Jump to 28:50 to get past the introduction if you get bored early.

Or Watch video on its own page.

3 Responses to “Best advice I’ve seen for web startups”

  1. Mike Curtis

    Great talk. Should be required viewing for anyone involved in an early-stage internet company…and lots of fun to watch too.

    (from a happy 37 Signals customer)



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