Nietzsche’s mustache

Does this even need an explanation? Forget his philosophies, I’m just intimidated by his facial hair.

9 Responses to “Nietzsche’s mustache”

  1. Scott

    The more I look at this photo the creepier it gets. Look at those eyes – he could cut through steel with that stare.

  2. Answering Service

    I’m a huge fan of the creepy mustache. Im thinking about growing a mustache large enough to hairspray and sculpt into the shape of famous people!

    BTW – I saw you @ Carnegie Mellon University. Amazing!

  3. KaylaMag

    Still can’t compare to a good mullet.

  4. hanna

    It reminds me of olga’s lips

  5. Miss Liz

    Sleep deprivation + Staring contest with a picture of Friedrich Nietzsche = Free acid trip.

  6. Fouaad

    He thought Lou Salome would accept his proposal with that stache and we consider him a genius.


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