Help wanted: Berkun promotion team

It’s time to ask for some help.

A volunteer team is forming to spread the word about my work. If you have pr or marketing experience that’s awesome, but anyone with a half-hour here or there can make a huge difference. For starters we’re focusing on PR for the new edition of the Myths of Innovation.

If you a fan, or have energy to invest in getting more folks to read my work, join this google group: Berkun promotion team.

People who help most will get signed copies of my books, a fancy dinner on me next time I’m in your town, and other special fun unique things. The work itself is likely to be quite fun – we’ll do some crazy things and see what happens.

Teams are forming around twitter/facebook projects, pitching bloggers to do book reviews, and more. Hope you’ll join and lend a hand.


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  1. Leslie

    Hi Scott,

    I loved you book, The Myths of Innovation, so I made a mind map to summarize what I’ve learned from it. You can find it here:

    Good luck with Innovation day.

    Leslie Carter
    Usability analyst, cognitive psychologist



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