Myths Day results (Thanks!)

Yesterday was awesome – 100+ people chipped in to help spread the word. There were over 250 tweets, more than 171 (!) facebook posts, and nearly a dozen blog entries.  

The berkun fan club / pr squad, led by Andrew McAdams, Alex Becker Allison Jacobsen, helped drive the above activity, and everyone on the squad who lended a hand was awesome. Collectively we learned a ton about how to do this and it will be better next time around.

The results: we got the new edition up from #15,000 on amazon all the way to #1049.  Amazing! And the numbers are still strong today (book page here).

  • Facebook posts: 171
  • Blog posts: 12
  • Tweets: 250 tweets (#mythsday)
  • Initial amazon rank: #15,225
  • Final amazon rank: #1,049

I’m supremely grateful. Hope you notice some extra love coming through in the writing here on the blog the next few weeks.

And if you forgot to lend a hand it’s never too late. Every little mention has value, and for the next month or two yesterday’s wave of PR will generate rebound effects, with people posting about the book after it arrives, or they read it. There have been 5 new amazon reviews already this week (Thanks to Mark, Vern, Christine, Heather and John) and hopefully we’ll see more.  These have huge value.

Here’s a list of all the blog pingbacks I got for people who posted on their blogs. If you wrote something and aren’t listed, just leave a comment with a link and I’ll add you in:

I’m going to get some rest now. Thanks all.

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