The Future of WordPress: video

Here’s my talk at last months WordCamp SF.

Thanks to everyone who offered thoughts on my request for ideas on the future of WP. Some of you are included at the end of the talk.

You can also watch the talk on

10 Responses to “The Future of WordPress: video”

  1. Chris Mahan

    Oh, excellent talk!

    I especially liked the revolution bit. I love to write and I still write on paper. Can’t get good stuff out of typing. (As you can see because I typed this)

    I think the act of writing great stuff and the act of publishing are still disjointed enough that the quick publishers overwhelm the careful writers so that the great majority of stuff on the web looks like it was put together without much forethought.

    Maybe there should be stationary paper that looks like wordpress…

  2. Chris Mahan

    I also liked how you said it’s not about the software or the theme, but about what goes in the box.

    I’d rather read Hemingway on yellowing and torn paper than the great majority of writings online. It’s the words that matter. Anything else is windowdressing.

  3. Michael

    Thanks for posting your talk! I like it and it made me thinking also the software of the company where I work. Thanks!

  4. Tammy Hart


    Best presentation I’ve heard at a WordCamp so far, even though I’m only just now getting to see the entire thing. I love how you twisted my joke into your own. :) The rest of the day, I was getting, “Oh, so you’re Tammy Hart.” :)

    Love your book as well, and your way with words. I wish I had a thimble full of your talent with speaking and writing.

    Keep it coming. :)

  5. Mari Lynch

    Glad to have this video up as your talk was my fav of that day. Thanks, Scott.

  6. Elisabeth Bucci

    Hate to repeat what others have said but it does bear repeating: you are right, it is very much about the writing. Good point. Great talk.



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