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Some of you know, in addition to my writing and speaking work, I work as a team lead for, managing a team of developers and designers.  It’s an amazing place to work, and I’ve given a few talks about how we make design and engineering decisions.

You can read a popular post I wrote called How is made, which focuses on how our 100 person company works, even though we are distributed around the globe, all the time. You can also read Automattic CEO Toni Schnieder’s post In praise of Continuous Deployment, about how we deploy new features and code.

I gave a short lecture on how is made at WordCamp Seattle (an informal series of events  around the world for people interested in WordPress) which you can watch below. When I gave this talk again in Portugal, someone from Corefactor made a sketchnote, documenting the core points I made.

Here’s the talk from Wordcamp Seattle:

If you get bored, skip to 18:30, where i talk about how we almost never use email. I talk about Jetpack at 23:00, and Q&A begins at about 31:00. If you have trouble with the embedded version, go here.

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