Help Wanted: Marketing / research assistant

I’m hiring a marketing assistant to help with the upcoming launch of The Year Without Pants.

I’m hoping one of you smart readers who has skills in marketing and research would dig the chance to work directly with me on a few tasks. Perhaps you’re a college student, or need a part time job, or simply have the right skills and think it would be fun to work with me on something.

Tasks include:

  • Researching to build a lists of bloggers/media who might be interested in the new book
  • Planning and executing on outreach to fans and previous reviewers
  • Finding trade groups and events interested in remote work
  • Brainstorming with me on fun marketing ideas for the book launch in September

Skills needed:

  • Excellent Google and web research skills
  • Master of writing short, clever emails and blog posts
  • Possession of a wit sharp enough to shave with
  • Unafraid of mail-merge, mailing lists and large email inboxes
  • Experience marketing something successfully (be creative if needed)

How you’ll be paid / How much work:

  • I can pay $25 an hour
  • 5 to 10 hours of work weekly for the next two months
  • You can work wherever and whenever fits your schedule

How to apply:

To apply I’m asking you do a simple task in line with the job. It should take 20-45 minutes to put together a decent submission. If you’re hired I’ll pay you for this time as well.

  1. Assignment: create a spreadsheet of everyone who  reviewed Making Things Happen
  2. Include fields for source (amazon? Slashdot? Lifehacker? CNN?), reviewer, contact info, and rank of influence
  3. Write a brief summary of how you compiled the list
  4. Include the words “lamiaceous” and “lenocinant” somewhere in your summary
  5. Add a brief statement about your background and why you want the job
  6. Email the above to me at info at

2 Responses to “Help Wanted: Marketing / research assistant”

  1. Veetika

    Hey Scott. I Head brand marketing for a large company. It would be interesting to work with/ under you on areas of branding/ marketing/ digital. Not as a job, but as a joint paper or brainstorming. Let me know if I can help.



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