The Year Without Pants: Official Movie Trailer

I think you folks will like this, and it’s definitely worth watching thru to the last shot. If you dig it please help spread it around.

Make sure to set YouTube to HD (the gear button) if you have good bandwith and go full-screen (last button on the right).

The crew for this film:

  • Director/Editor – Stephan Gray / Twitter
  • Cinematographer – Ryan Purcell
  • 1st AC – Alisa Tyrrill
  • Gaffer – Chris Taylor
  • Key Grip – Charles McDowell
  • Set Design – Samantha Stendal
  • Lead Actor – Erwin Galan
  • Produced by Bret Seeger, Scott Berkun, and Stephan Gray
  • Special Thanks to Matt Frey and Optimum Energy


17 Responses to “The Year Without Pants: Official Movie Trailer”

    1. Scott

      I’m sure there will be more of said underwear at the launch party :)

      1. Lauren Hall-Stigerts

        I noticed the challenge in the invite… “if you dare to wear the underpants”.

        Yes. Yes, I will. And I won’t even need liquid courage to do it.

  1. Anne

    I so wanted to ‘see’ those RED PANTS… I was not disappointed!

    1. Scott

      Lets hope the book doesn’t disappoint you either!

      1. Anne

        Having already read the ‘appetizer’, I am in no doubt that satisfaction IS guaranteed!

        May I seize this opportunity to wish you every success with the launch of this riveting read, and the continued success of this book beyond!

  2. Andy

    Amazing. After hearing the voiceover I half expected to hear “In a Woooorld without pants…” at some point. :)

    1. thorsten ott

      I thought exactly the same. Looks great Scott.

  3. Daniel Szuc


    The message of pulling apart the soulless rot corporates have created needs to be told over and over again.

    How we ever accepted this reality is … amazing in itself.

  4. Liz B

    Put it on my FB page and suggested reading it as you had been supportive of my Creativity class.

  5. Jeremey DuVall

    Nice Scott! I’m reading the book and absolutely loving it so far. Thanks for putting out a great resource on the emerging (necessary) changes in the workplace!

  6. Sriram

    Congratulations Scott.

    Quick question…when can I expect it on


    1. Scott

      Hi Sriram: I can confirm that there will be an audible version, but I haven’t heard an official date yet for when it will be produced/released. If you follow the blog I’ll be sure to post once I know.

  7. David O'Regan

    Hi, Love your books, and look forward to this one!

    You trailer has a man pop in and out of the shot at 15seconds. Was that purposeful? Got a screen shot of it – will send to you.


    1. Scott

      Hi David. Have you seen the film Fight Club? :)


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