My Automattic Anniversary

Four years ago, on August 4th 2010, I was hired at Automattic, makers of, as the first leader of Team Social. It was the beginning of a journalistic writing project that would become The Year Without Pants, an best book of 2013.


There were many crazy things about the idea which is why I was so excited to do the project and why I’m proud of it now. I look back fondly on the entire experience, including all of the mistakes I made along the way. I still think often about the 20 months I worked on with my team and those memories stay with me today. If my biggest dream wasn’t to keep writing books, I’d probably still be there.

Thanks to Matt Mullenweg Toni Schneider, Mike Adams, Beau Lebens, Andy Peatling, all the great folks I worked with, and everyone who has supported the book since its release last year.

4 Responses to “My Automattic Anniversary”

  1. Beau Lebens

    Nay, thank you Scott — it was an honor and a privilege working with you. I learned a lot about being a team lead from how you interacted with us (so my team now can blame it all on you!). Thanks again, I’m glad you decided to give that crazy experiment a try, and look forward to reading more of your books.



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