New design of is live

I’m happy to say the new design of this site is live. Thanks to Ryan Sommers for the design and development work.

If you find any issues or bugs, please leave a comment. Just make sure to mention what browser / platform you’re using.


5 Responses to “New design of is live”

  1. Osmin Magaña

    Nice designs, congratulations. At this time, after a quick review, I can’t find any bug.

    My platform: Firefox 32.02 on Win8.1

  2. Genevieve Howard

    Congrats on your site launch! Highlights your books in a compelling way.

    On your contact form, you might consider adding a link over to the Ask Berkun section ( to your line, “You have a topic you want me to write about on the blog” in case people missed it in the top nav.

    Much prosperity to you in your future!

  3. Finndo

    When I load the page (bookmarked), I now see 3/4 of the page filled with a useless mess of adds, banners, multiple search bars. Only when I look at the very bottom of my screen do I see what I’m looking for: blog posts.

    Lose the 2nd search bar (the big one marked “search over 1500 posts”), the one in the top right corner is good enough, and allow me to get rid of the ghost of my father add & the clutter of feature list below (1year-cookie to remember would be good enough)


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