New site design launches Monday

Ryan Sommers at Sevenbold and I have  been working on a redesign of for the last few weeks. We’ll be launching the new design Monday morning. Things should go smoothly, but this is a warning just in case. Here’s a preview of what’s coming.



10 Responses to “New site design launches Monday”

  1. Phil Simon

    In a Rush? Love. That. Word. I’d bold it and increase the font size 500%, but that’s me.

  2. Vinish Garg

    Quite refreshing! My quick comments: One, the logo and hence navigation too should move down by around 10px. Two, use the red color of headings as the search icon, to lend color balance in the header.

    1. Scott

      Thanks for the feedback Vinish. What browser/platform are you viewing on?

  3. Mike Nitabach

    Looks very slick! What is the pictographic logo?

  4. Scott

    Today’s comment test. Sorry if you see this.

  5. Scott

    Take 3, for good measure and to verify there’s a problem.

    Hi Ryan!

  6. DopeyJoe

    I bet this is the last test comment.


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