Web designer wanted for work on scottberkun.com

Hi folks. I’m working on a minor to moderate redesign of scottberkun.com and I’m looking to hire a freelance designer to work with: I have ideas, rough sketches and beer (and of course money to pay you).

You don’t need to be a unicorn, as I’d likely hire the good folks at 10up to do the development work. But if you are unicorn enabled that’s nice too as maybe I can hire you for both.

Here’s how to apply:

  • Ideally you’re a fan and know some of my work (don’t fake it if you’re not – maybe I can make you one after we work together)
  • Point me at a single URL to your portfolio
  • Tell me your favorite mythological creature (make one up if you prefer)
  • Tell me what your rates are
  • Tell me something that sucks about the current design
  • Email the above to info at scottberkun.com


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  1. Vladan FIlipovic

    Hello Scott,

    I’m applaying officialy for this job.

    No i’m not unicorn, but i like mythologie(Pann is my favourite creature), science fiction, and pritty much a geeky web designer fan of star wars, Lord of rings and stuff. I’m living and working in Paris, France. I’m 10up guy, with planty of ideas, skeching those even on the walls, working with wireframes, greeds, plans, while drinking my beer. Francly spaeking i am one of those who saw one of your speaks (an event apart, not in live). But who didn’t! I love working with a creative people, considering myself creative too.

    Vladimir Vulic from Montenegro sned me this link, to work on your website redesign.

    Talking about rates : my rates are europeen standard rates 40€/hour, and a global rate depends fo how much the time i will spend on your project. it can be 350€ a day. It depends also on what you realy want to change en your website. I work deeply, and i take my job on high pro level, you can see some of my work at http://www.vladanf.com or on my behance portfolio : https://www.behance.net/VladanF

    And now some stuff that sucks about your website design, it’s pure information, may be there is to much of it at the first sight. There is no clear sepration of content it seems to me. And wordpress can be much more designed than that. Now maybe thats how you like it, simple and efficient. But i think that, with some more ideas, and after few scketches this can be much more graphic and visualy attractive.

    Now it’s up to you, and if you deside to work with someone else, i just hope we will drink a beer together at spark.me conference in montenegro in june.


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