What’s the best kickstarter reward for a book?

Ghost-4panel-coverI’m considering using Kickstarter for my upcoming book, The Ghost of My Father, a memoir about the most difficult relationship in my life. Using Kickstarter was a great experience for Mindfire thanks to all your support – I know many of you were excited about getting your name in the book and owning personally signed copies.

The audience for The Ghost of My Father is new as it’s a different kind of book. I don’t know that it will sell more than a few hundred copies. This makes using Kickstarter an even more desirable possibility as I can make sure those of you who are interested get something special for supporting this challenging project.

If you’re interested, what special reward would you love to get? What’s the best reward you’ve seen an author offer for a book project? You can write in your own suggestions too. Thanks.

4 Responses to “What’s the best kickstarter reward for a book?”

  1. Phil Simon

    Another idea for you: Offer to edit someone’s work up to a limited number of words. I’ve seen musicians offer recordable music lessons and/or private shows via Skype.

  2. Sean Crawford

    If I knew you I would go for a beer and slowly… put out one “crazy” idea… after another… in order to spark your own mind. I would think of marketing by the book’s back cover, and your draft and tone and intention. This is because I am pretty darn sure you could sell more than “a few hundred copies.”

    Heck, you should see the books for sale in the back of my church. Maybe the heyday has passed, but personal psychology is still an interest in society.

  3. @GetzelR

    I don’t have any thoughts on the rewards, but I’ve been considering a Kickstarter for a book and I think recording an audio version would be a good stretch goal that might get people donating.

  4. John Khoury

    I’ve considered the same. I would think something like these:
    – acknowledgements for backers (with links) at the back of the book
    – personal online session to talk about the book (hold it on Google Hangouts and record it, thereby creating some new content)
    – any deleted content as an extra
    – invite to the launch party
    – public reading (you go to them and read a bit from the book)
    – signed copy of the book

    stuff like that?


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