Quote of the week, from Viggo Mortensen

One of my favorite podcasts is Here’s the Thing, and on a recent episode host Alec Baldwin interviewed Viggo Mortensen about his latest film, Captain Fantastic. Towards the end he mentioned this:

“By taking the risk of trying hard means you are going to make mistakes, and then the most important thing is hopefully realizing that and doing something about it. Being a good dad is not a static thing. Having a good marriage isn’t a static thing. Neither is a democracy. Neither is a friendship. Tomorrow morning you have to start over, continue the process and make adjustments. And if you don’t… it’s a game that moves as you play, and if you don’t move you can’t play”

Viggo Mortensen, on Here’s The Thing

2 Responses to “Quote of the week, from Viggo Mortensen”

  1. Sean Crawford

    Hi Scott,
    I like what you say above: Make Berkun happy, leave a comment.

    But for this one, I wonder if any of us readers (besides me) will leave anything, because Viggo has already said it so good. All I can add is:

    I think my comforting default is to see life as static, and the story of my life has been using various tricks to get away from this “normal.” As in: being mindful, and seeing the working world as always being in turbulence. I forget any other tricks I might use.

  2. David Russo

    Life isn’t static that is true rather unfolding in different timescales some of which are slow enough as to appear static. Enjoy


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