Public Speaking Workshop: open to all this October

For years now I’ve been quietly teaching public speaking workshops in-house at corporations and organizations and doing private speaker coaching. Every year I offer this workshop to anyone who wants to take it and the next offering comes up next month. Here are all the details:

This one day experience will boost your confidence in speaking to groups of all sizes and in many different situations, from speaking at events. to work meetings to pitching ideas to coworkers and friends.

This full-day workshop is:

  • Fast-paced, fun and funny
  • Highly participatory and exercise-centric
  • Safe and supportive / Extremely practical
  • Inspired by the style and attitude of the bestselling book, Confessions Of A Public Speaker

The day consists of:

  • Expert critique from Berkun, with personalized advice for each student
  • Mini-lessons on managing fear, reading a room, storytelling, handling Q&A, preparing a presentation and more
  • A morning and afternoon performance of your talk to a live audience
  • Mid-day speed rounds of practice and feedback
  • Time for Q&A to get your biggest concerns and questions answered

Who should attend?

  • Beginner to intermediate speakers (all speakers can benefit from critique and are welcome at any level, but most attendees typically have low to medium speaking experience/confidence)
  • People who like small workshops (20-25 people)
  • Anyone who is a fan of Scott Berkun and his honest, direct and entertaining style

How do I sign up?

Please share and spread the word – if there’s demand I’ll offer this to the public more often.


6 Responses to “Public Speaking Workshop: open to all this October”

  1. Sean Crawford

    I chuckled at your sign up phrase, “regular bird.”

    Say, did you know where the rule of no religion or politics in the clubroom came from? The age of duelling. Today, I guess we are physically safe. Still, I can see some wit at your workshop saying, “Let’s make this a Trump-free zone.”

  2. windows 10

    Cool. I will join the workshop. Can’t wait to come here.

  3. Noa

    I was late to see this, but am definitely interested in participating next time!

  4. Alex Dixon

    Awesome! This sounds great! And, when will the next event in this year be hosting? When will I get the tickets to attend the event? I wish to attend this event to meet Scott Berkun. I’m waiting for your post informing the event of this year. Thank you.


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