Public Speaking Workshop: April 8th 6:30pm

(Hi folks – the blog has been quiet for awhile. Good to be back! I’ll explain more soon. Happy Monday to you.)

For many years I’ve been the speaker coach for Ignite Seattle, a local event that centers on diverse ideas and challenging stories told live on stage. We decided last year that a central part of our mission (we’re now a 501c3) is to help all people, in all walks of life, to tell their stories and teach their lessons.

We now teach inexpensive, fun, high quality sessions, open to all, and the next one is coming up soon: Monday April 8th, 6:30-8pm, at Market Theater (Pike Place). Tickets are just $10. Please help spread the word. Thanks.

Join us to learn:

  • How to tell better stories at work or in life (and do it fast!)
  • The 6 most common mistakes speakers make (even experienced ones) and how to avoid them
  • The science behind fears about speaking and how to manage them
  • Advice on getting talks accepted at events like Ignite Seattle, TEDx, etc.
  • Plus a few volunteers who bring 60 seconds of a talk they have will get an expert critique

Details and how to get tickets:

Alternatively, If you’re looking to improve the speaking skills of your team or organization, you can bring me in for my in-depth, practice-centric, full day workshop, thru SpeakHQ.

4 Responses to “Public Speaking Workshop: April 8th 6:30pm”

  1. Ben Resnick

    Looking forward to this event, it looks great!

  2. Janice Giffin

    Dear Scott,
    Hello! I wish I could come to the event, but, living in Milan, Italy, it’s complicated. I have used your post about creating better workshops as a useful guide for many years. I teach English for Business and Communication at IULM University, focusing in particular on public speaking. Storytelling seems to have become very important and I would like to incorporate it into my worshops. How can I learn more about what you have to say about it?
    All the best, Janice Giffin
    PS: No website but I am on LinkedIn

  3. Jones

    Please host another workshop soon!


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