Free pass to Interaction 20

[UPDATE – WINNER HAS BEEN CHOSEN: will reveal who won once they confirm.]

I have a free conference pass for IXDA’s Interaction 20, in Milan, Italy this year. I was granted a free pass to the conference in return for speaker coaching for their speakers, but turns out I can’t use it.

I’d hate to see it go to waste, so if you’re able to go (Feb 5-7, 2020) and arrange your own travel, leave a comment. 

This Friday I’ll do a random drawing from the comments and pick a winner (and will update here that it’s all over).

If your comment makes me laugh, I’ll count it twice in the random drawing.

13 Responses to “Free pass to Interaction 20”

  1. Tina

    Thanks for opportunity. I’d love to go.

    1. Sergiu Puscas

      Hey Scott, thanks a lot for this giveaway. I would love to join my colleagues at IXDA. Since I’m new at the current company, I would have to pass a 3 months probation period to be able to go to the conferences :/
      I look forward to having another beer with you as we had at UXLX in 2018.

  2. Christopher Lueg

    Hi Scott

    The conference wasn’t on my (academic) radar but I’d love to have a look over the fence and Milan is within reach :)


  3. Guidione Machava

    I’m not sure if this will make you laugth but I would fly all the way from South Africa for this ticket. Thanks in advance.

  4. James

    Hey, would love to attend Interaction 20!

  5. Holly Kennedy

    I’d love an excuse to visit Italy, learn stuff and chat to design folks. I work remotely so human interaction IRL is rarer than most. 1 ticket for the prize draw please!

  6. Sergiu

    Hey Scott thanks for this giveaway. I would love to join my colleagues at IXDA. Since I’m new at the company I have to pass a trial period of 3 months to be able to go to a conference, which sucks :/ So I would be super happy for this opportunity. As well looking forward to have another beer with you as the one we had at UXLX in 2018 ;)

  7. Fabrizio

    I am able to go and, given I am based in Rome Italy, my carbon footprint is going to be much smaller than the other candidates… Greta would choose me!

  8. Jeremy

    If I had to coach that many speakers I’d probably bow out too!… Look’s great though…

  9. Kat

    It’s a pass so it goes
    Will I win, nobody knows
    Enter twice, count me in
    Well, at least can we be friends?

  10. Fred

    It was great event. I love it. I met there many travelers from worldee.
    Next year again :)


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