Help wanted: motion graphics / video for book launch trailer

[Update: filmmaker found! Position closed.]

My next book, How Design Makes Out the World, comes out in a few months. I’m looking to hire a motion graphics / video producer to make a trailer video to help market the book and get the word out.

Interested? Or know someone you’d recommend? Provide a link to a portfolio in a comment below, or send it here.

Trailer Design Brief:  

Vision: The book teaches everyone what good design is and why it’s so important. It uses everyday objects and real life situations as the basis for asking new questions about our daily lives and how design impacts our quality of life. One approach to the trailer could be as simple as stock footage of everyday experiences (driving in traffic, making dinner, dealing with meetings at work, etc.) overlayed with motion graphics and narration calling out things we don’t notice and hinting at how much we can learn from looking at them in a new way (that the book provides).

Length: 1 to 2 minutes at most

Previous book trailers I’ve had made:

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  1. Carole Alalouf

    I make whiteboard videos. They are really popular. Check them out! :) samples are lower down the page

  2. Buck

    Selling is an emotional game. I sold a home in a day at an above-market ask by presenting a visual sonnet of love, focuses on my target audience: the primary decision maker in this purchase context, the woman of the house.

    I give her what is for her, an optimal experience she wants most desperately: to be seduced by, and fall in love with the life my home will provide her and her family.

    This is how I did that:

    Rather than hinting about “how much we can learn” by careful observation, my approach is to use photo, video, graphics, and audio (no voiceovers, we can discuss why) to inspire the emotion of desire for the book based on the ideal purchaser’s perfect outcome from acquiring the book

    Clear transmission of information may get a some trickle of response, but it is a 2nd tier approach at best, IMO. Put the customer first, treat them like royalty as they deserve, and focus on the emotion of desire for the book.

    Would love to create this for How Design Makes the World with you!


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