(video) 5 minutes to explain How Design Makes the World

Yesterday I’d planned to do a livestream about ideas from the new book, but Twitter/Periscope refused to allow it (Vague “Initializing stream…” message never managed to finish it’s job).

Instead… I improvised this short explainer video. Which was surprisingly fun to do. Did you like this? Hit the like button or leave me a comment here and I’ll do more of these.

Who is the book for? Why did I write it? Why should you care? It’s all answered here.

2 Responses to “(video) 5 minutes to explain How Design Makes the World”

  1. Adisha

    Hi Scott
    Thanks for the five minute summary of your book. I found it quite thought provoking. Interesting to consider the tradeoffs for some of these designs that we take for granted!

    Look forward to reading ‘How Design Makes the World’ and your future updates.

    Stay blessed!
    Adisha (UK)

  2. Grant

    It’s amazing how an everyday item can be designed so well, we take it for granted and barely notice it anymore. Loved the pencil example – “built in undo”. :)


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