I’m for hire for FT role (an explanation)

These last three months have been a wild ride. If you’re on my newsletter you’ve been getting updates about what has happened. My voice was injured during a routine surgery making it harder to speak, which was rough. Fortunately, after two months, my voice did recover. Which has been great news!

Yet I’ve felt over the last few years that the solitary work of writing books hasn’t been as interesting to me as it used to be. Then the pandemic hit and like everyone, I’ve felt more isolated. And now with this experience of losing and recovering my voice, my passions have shifted. I need to be part of a team again, which is why I’m looking for a job. I need to be part of a group working together, something I’ve missed for too long.

As far as what I’m looking for, looking back over my career (LinkedIn) there are two strong themes. I’m hopeful I can find an organization that needs someone to influence the direction of UX, PM, innovation or remote work, the subjects of my books, through coaching or leadership. Writing, speaking and teaching are all in my wheelhouse. Or perhaps I’ll return to something more in line with the PM roles I’ve done in the past. I’m looking first for a great culture where my skills can have value.

I plan to continue writing, teaching and tweeting, but there will be some adjustments along the way.

Please do get in touch if you have something interesting in mind for me. Thanks.

Watch this short video if you want to hear my voice – I’ve missed it and I’m so glad to have it back.

2 Responses to “I’m for hire for FT role (an explanation)”

  1. Pradeep

    Hi, hope you are doing good now. I was helped by your blog on motives. My sincere good wishes to you on finding a new job.

  2. Eva

    I was worried first then relieved when your voice returned. I was also hopeful, as in my personal experience, some nerves along my leg were also affected during surgery, didn’t have sensitivity to touch for a while but then it just went away after a few months. I’m very glad you made a full recovery too.

    Best of luck with your new endeavors. I, hope the New Year finds you where you want to be personally and professionally.


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