How Design Makes The World: Typos and corrections?

Did you read How Design Makes the World? Thanks. I’m glad you did.

If you found any any typos or mistakes along the way, I apologize. But I’m asking you to report them here so they can be corrected in a future edition.

The first edition of the book has 130+ footnotes, 60+ recommendations and dozens of properly attributed photo and media credits. I work hard to get it right, but alas mistakes do happen.

Please leave a comment, and a page # if possible. Much appreciated.

Here are the known issues:

Print edition

  • pg 41, Hundertwasser was Austrian, not German
  • pg. 80, had a great a great
  • p. 99 “insights that makes” -> insights that make
  • p. 117 “…going to difficult” -> going to be difficult
  • p. 151 “that devil live” -> that devils live
  •  154 –“hate traffic when that are in it…” -> hate traffic when they are in it
  • p. 157 “guide to us making” -> guide us to make
  • pg. 160 – all questions should appear on own line
  • Pg. 188, Maurice Sy -> Marice Sy

Unique to Kindle / Digital

  • pg. 50 / Chapter 7 – fonts missing (Kindle only)

3 Responses to “How Design Makes The World: Typos and corrections?”

  1. Nikki Sylianteng

    Hey Scott! I’ve been meaning to send you this so glad you put up this page.

    Page 154 – 5th line from the bottom
    “People hate traffic when THEY are in it…” not THAT

  2. Nikki Sylianteng

    Page 80, line 6
    Extra “a great”

    “…neither had a great a great understanding…”


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