Mindfire Free Offer is OVER


It’s my birthday on Yesterday, April 15th, was my birthday. To celebrate, here’s one of my best books for free. Tell your friends!

Sorry! You are too late. The book was given away for free for 72 hours in celebration of my birthday.

You can still get a free PDF preview of the book (nearly 1/3rd of the content), right now.

The book is a collection of my best essays and posts from ten years of writing about creativity, philosophy and life called Mindfire: Big Ideas For Curious Minds. Many fans and friends helped support the creation of the book on kickstarter (and they’re listed in the book as thanks). Since its release in October 2011 nearly 30,000 people bought and downloaded the book. If you’re new to my work, this is a great place to start.

This 1.1 edition has over 120 corrections and improvements, making it the deluxe version.

21 Responses to “Mindfire Free Offer is OVER”

  1. Justin

    Thank you my friend! I truly appreciate you work…keep it up!

  2. Pete (0LL194|\| (@linuxster)

    I really enjoy the quality content you put onto paper. I can tell you spend a lot of time looking for the perfect way to convey your thoughts just right and I appreciate that tremendously. Ride the wave my friend because you’re on it.

  3. Noora

    Thanks a lot, this is so generous of you!

  4. Leslie Spires

    Thank you for the book, I look forward to reading it. It’s a generous gift. I promise when my book is published that you will get a gift copy. :o)

  5. Adam

    Well done on the new version and thanks for the book.

  6. Shrix

    Thanx a lot Scott … really nice of you :)

  7. James Andrew

    Thank you so much! Very inspiring!

  8. AA

    The download didn’t work. All links to pdf, epub & mobi said “file not found”.

    1. Scott

      Sorry AA – working on getting this fixed. Stay tuned.

  9. Michal Mau

    Thank you very much for your generosity and all the inspirative tweets! :)
    Best wishes and HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

  10. Immy

    Thanks Scott. Looking forward to diving into the book over the weekend!

  11. Dan

    The blog re-posted a backlog of old links, which led me here, three months after your birthday. No book for me. :(



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