Hire Me

Books and blogs don’t inspire as well as people do.

20-30 times a year I’m hired to speak somewhere around the world, and for good reason. A passionate, smart and engaging living person sharing ideas is more potent than words alone.  I have a fantastic track record as a speaker, and even wrote a bestseller about speaking well. I provide a combination of inspiration, motivation, education and entertainment all at the same time.

1) High energy talks / Keynotes

I deliver highly interactive 45 to 90 minute sessions on a wide range of topics. As you can find on this blog, I have a wide range of expertise, including wisdom from three bestselling books on management, creativity and communication.

Samples: Here’s my famous lecture on innovation, plus other videos and podcasts here.

Previous clients include:  Yale University, MIT, Harvard Business School, Google, Microsoft, Ebay, The Economist, Adobe, Amazon.com, Intel, Netflix, Fidelity Inc., CNBC, MSNBC, NPR, Columbia University, and more.

2) Workshops & courses
Occasionally I teach deeper sessions with smaller groups (10-25), I teach 3-4 hour workshops on many topics. I’m a trained facilitator and discussion leader, and organize sessions around situations, discussions, and exercises (less lecture = more learning).

3) Expert review / Consulting
Borrow my brain – what are you building? I can review and advise on what you’re working on.

Sample Topics:

  • Leading breakthrough projects
  • Creative thinking hacks
  • The myths of innovation
  • How to manage innovation on a schedule
  • The truth about schedules / shipping on time
  • How to manage smart people
  • How to make good decisions
  • Mistakes managers make
  • What to do when things go wrong
  • Anything you find on my popular blog

I’m interested – What’s next?

Make contact. I’ll respond quickly and and see if your needs, budget and timing match mine.

10 Responses to “Hire Me”

  1. Eric Nehrlich

    I’d love to see an essay on the subject of learning to manage by influence. You mention in Art of PM how you had to convince the grizzled programmer to listen to you by continuing to be helpful to him, so expanding that idea into an essay. I’m in the position right now where I’m trying to expand my influence at a company where I have no place in the hierarchy, and I’ve got some ideas on the subject that I’m trying out, but I’d be interested in your take.

    Along similar lines, I’d like your thoughts about creating a company culture. I think it’s a system that needs proper incentives and reinforcements and people that fit the culture. How can a culture be established? Can it be changed once it’s been established? Can it be changed only from the top down?