This week in pm-clinic: the boss who won’t listen

This week in the pm-clinic discussion forum– The boss who won’t listen:

Months ago I informed my boss of my concerns for a project he was managing. He didn’t seem to be aware of the issues, so I mentioned them in our mutual best interest. He told me, polite but firm, he didn’t want me to inform him of such things: it’s not my place and he didn’t want to me to be so unsupportive of his efforts.

Last week I discovered some bigger issues in another one of his projects. These problems (missed requirements, secretly slipped schedule) will impact my team and others if they’re not nipped in the bud.

Do I raise the issues anyway and hope he’s not angry? Do I suck it up? Or should I find a quiet/secret way to inform his team of these issues?

– The boss who won’t listen

3 Responses to “This week in pm-clinic: the boss who won’t listen”

  1. Joe

    Just keep bugging him. He’ll accuse you of not being a team player and sack you with the next lay off. Problem solved.

    (Worked for me, though I wasn’t exactly planning on becoming unemployed)

  2. Timothy Johnson

    If you don’t document the issues and provide an artifact (translated: CYA) that you are aware of them, then you stand alone when they blow up in your face.



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