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4 Responses to “Wednesday linkfest”

  1. Runa |

    lol~ ^^
    u r funny~

  2. Steven Levy |

    Frank Gehry. Love him or hate him, but… well, the Wicked Witch of the West summed it up best: “I’m melting….”

  3. Scott |

    I read an article somewhere recently that described Ghery’s work as torturetecture.

    Whenever i see his work, or other super-progressive “lets see if we can build this” designs, I always wonder what the architects own house looks like. That’d be a great book: the homes of famous architects. I wonder how much of the drama and risk-taking they went for in the places they have to live.

  4. Susie Monday |

    Hi Scott, In light of some of your previous posts and interests in general, I hope you can take a look at our new book site. New World Kids, The Parent’s Guide to Creative Thinking. It will be in the TED bookshop this year, and we are doing a little pre-launch reaching out to bloggers and others who might be interested.


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