Wednesday Linkfest

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6 Responses to “Wednesday Linkfest”

  1. Richard

    What about people who dismiss Twitter because they hate that it breaks flow, much like instant messaging, email clients which check the server every 5 minutes, phone calls, and PA systems?

    What about people who wonder whether it’s really a good thing to monitor a real-time feed of other people’s activities when they’re supposed to be, y’know, working?

  2. Neil C. Obremski

    Turning off the Twitter and other things is an exercise of will power to some, but can be extraordinarily refreshing. I enjoy my long walks to and from home in the mornings and evenings partially for this reason. I am alone in my head, sometimes I don’t even listen to music.

    Blaming any highly accessible tech is futile, because the problems are not related to its functionality but rather its users. Perhaps it isn’t such a bad thing that the same service which sucked these people in is also helping them realize personal weaknesses to overcome.

  3. Scott Berkun

    Richard: Sometimes I think everyone is right. The people who hate twitter and the people who love it might all be right.

  4. Scott Berkun

    Neil: I agree, blaming tech is kind of stupid, but it’s less offensive than blaming the people :)

    Frankly I think twitter is probably quite silly and that I won’t like it, but before I condemn a thing I should probably give it a try, you know?



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