Here are this week’s good links:

  • 100 years of design manifestos -  I’ve always wanted to write a manifesto. How could it not be fun? And given how hamfisted many of these are, it seems there’s plenty of room for someone to write some good ones.
  • How the average American spends their paycheck – Well down visualization/graphic about how we spend our cash.
  • Google generation a myth? – A study in the UK shows there’s not a huge difference in how today’s kids use the web for research vs. adults. The actual study isn’t posted, but their claim, if I read it right, is we all suck at doing research regardless of age.
  • Mcluhan vs. Mailer - McLuhan and Mailer, two brilliant men with supersized egos, duke it out in a live debate that is fascinating even if you don’t care what they’re talking about. No conversation this complex and interesting would ever be on broadcast TV today.
  • Zoning out is good for you – Chapter 1 in The Myths of Innovation explores this notion, that our brains do lots of work, especially creative work, when our conscious minds are zoning out and relaxing.
  • Tornado vs. Train – This is exactly what you think it is and it’s awesome.
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