Google Wave and Why You Should Care

Honestly, I’m not certain yet you should care about Google Wave.

But that actually doesn’t matter.

My friend Gina Trappani of Lifehacker and Smarterware fame has put an entire book about wave on the web, for free. What better way is there to sort out wave than reading her expert point of view and advice?

And even more interesting, she self published the book with PWI, a charity for disabled adults, so if you buy the book, PDF or hardcopy, much of the money goes to good use.

All the details are here, including how to get any, or all three, versions of the book.

5 Responses to “Google Wave and Why You Should Care”

  1. Ryan Cowles

    I must admit, I haven’t looked into Google Wave too much yet. But with the price of “Free”, I really have no excuse to miss this opportunity. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. Pk

    I believe Google Wave is little tough for ‘normal’ people to understand. May be the hi-fi people can understand and use it, but seeing the interface, it is slightly tough for people who aren’t completely involved in the IT domain.

  3. David

    Its great to have this book about Google Wave. In the long run, it is a platform that has a lot of potential. As more and more people adopt it it will become a valuable communication tool. You don’t have to know everything about it for it to be useful to you. Everyone will find their own reason. It is so much better than regular email in so many ways. We just have to be patient. The Wave will hit the shore big time!

  4. Mark Berger

    Thanks for mentioning Gina’s book on Google Wave and Partnerships With Industry’s role in it.

    We’re happy to assist other authors in their quest to publish. We’re a cost effective method to self-publish and provide distribution. Contact our business development director Brian Garbark (619-681-1999 x1133 or for more info and a quote.

    BTW, we used Google Wave and Gina’s book to manage the publishing process. Wave is a great tool.

    Mark Berger
    CEO, Partnerships With Industry

  5. Elisabeth Bucci

    When I first heard of Google Wave, I nearly fainted. I have hated email for a long time and I thought that this was the “it” thing that would kill it for once and for all.
    However, once again, human nature being what it is, resistance to change prevails: all I hear are complaints about it. Anything new is scary, even to the point where we continue to hang on to a completely outmoded useless form of communicating information, such as email.


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