Found this nice observation on work culture, that could fit in the ever growing asshole driven development list:

HiPPO – Highest Paid Person’s Opinion Wins:

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5 Responses to “Highest Paid Opinion Wins”

  1. Tolga Mirmirik |


    I think subject of the post is misleading… “Highest Paid Opinion” sounds like “paid consultant’s opinion” or “an opinion that took too much money and time to be produced”. Maybe subject should be “highest paid person’s opinion wins” as in the post.

    • Scott Berkun |

      Tolga: I think I hear the sound of a hair being split :)

  2. Craig |

    “Tolga: I think I hear the sound of a hair being split :)”

    No worries, its accompanied by the sound of nail being hit squarely on it’s head :)

    - Interface Designer

  3. Floriano |

    What a relief!

    And I thought what you call HiPPO was just a very typical Italian stuff…

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