The Year Without Pants: The Movie

For every book I do something different for PR and marketing. For The Year Without Pants (pre-order now), it’s a film. To help kick off our Sept. 17th book launch, we’re making a little movie.

I hired Stephan Gray of Gray Matter Productions, maker of music videos for Macklemore and others, to create a short promo film for the book. We came up with a few ideas, and came up with a story about the nightmare of cubicle life.

Here are some behind the scenes photos from the shoot last week.

He’s hard at work on finishing up the project and we’ll post it when it’s ready. Stay tuned.







6 Responses to “The Year Without Pants: The Movie”

  1. Anne

    The nightmare of cubicle life…. sounds intriguing!

      1. Scott

        Phil: You have BB on the brain! You see it everywhere :)


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