Why We Love Sociopaths: Interview

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Last week I reviewed the book Why We Love Sociopaths: a guide to late capitalist television and I enjoyed it so much I asked the author, Adam Kotsko for an interview. To my delight he agreed. SB: Your book elegantly frames why we’re attracted to TV shows involving sociopathic behavior. Do you have a theory about […]

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Answering Proust: a fun interview

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My friend Sara Peyton at O’Reilly Media interviewed me in ’08 using questions from the famous Proust questionaire. Recently I stumbled across it again. What is your idea of perfect happiness? An evening spent drunk as a loon, looking up at stars, sitting by a bonfire, laughing with friends. What is your greatest fear? Waiting to […]

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Bruce Springsteen on Creativity

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I’m a Springsteen fan, and like most fans, Born in the USA is my least favorite album (and the song itself is more interesting as an acoustic blues number). Its the rest of his early catalog that I connect with, and its impressive range of songwriting from orchestral rock  (Born to Run), to poetic and […]

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How do you invent vaccines? An interview

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Last month I had the honor of being the opening speaker at an event at Crucell, an organization that finds new vaccines for diseases (with an impressive history).   I’m no expert on such things, but I’ve learned much just by visiting their new office in San Diego.  It’s thrilling to speak at different organizations – it […]

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Being Geek: An interview with Michael Lopp

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I had the chance to interview Michael Lopp, of RandsinRepose fame, about his new book, Being Geek. The book, like much of his writing, takes an honest approach to thinking about careers and life in the tech world, and he knows what’s talking about, having done stints at Apple, Netscape, and Symantec. Unlike many bloggers, […]

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