Chapter 4: London

Just finished Chapter 4. Wrote a total of 10000 words, but the current version is only about 5000 long. This ratio is typical. Usually when I finish an essay, or a chapter, I’ll have a pile of fragments, stray pargagraphs, about equal in length to the essay itself. This doesn’t include fragments that I wrote, and deleted, which is probably signifigant. This only counts the fragments that I chose to keep around in case i needed them later.

There is a shape to these chapters now – I know how to write these kinds of essays now, and I can see the whole thing as a book. After Frank and I agreed that we had two different books here, one focused on writing with supporting pictures, and one focused on pictures with supporting writing, the writing has been easier. I’m focusing on the first, he on the later. The path is clear.

Draft of the book proposal is together. I read several books on writing these things, and went back to look at the ui design book proposal I wrote in ’99 (which was rejected). It’s in good shape. Once the draft chapters are together We’re ready to go.

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