Daily writing plan Part 2

The daily rhythm is better now. I get up – I write. When I get stuck, I run or walk the dog. Something physical. When start to get lightheaded, I eat. Repeat. When things are going well, perhaps one session in three, I can go for several hours. More often it’s tough going, and I can only go a half hour or so before I need to do something else. Playing guitar is a great 5 minute break – I grab the guitar from it’s stand just an arms length away, belt out a tune or two, and I always feel better. Singing songs while playing guitar gets stuff out – and it relaxes the whole creative process for me. On tought days I’ll keep the guitar in my lap, since I can’t get very far without wanting to get back to something that feels good.

This is my pattern every day – Saturday, Sunday, holidays. I write every day. If I can’t write about London, I write about something else. If I don’t want to write, I have to at least write something about not wanting to write.

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