ArtofPM #2 on best seller list

Update: ArtofPM, the book described below, was released in an updated edition called Making Things Happen that you should buy instead, as Art of PM is no longer published


The book the art of project management just hit #2 on’s best seller list for Computer and Internet books. And in related news O’Reilly informed me that the book is now in its 3rd printing. There must be a mass shortage of expensive doorstops somewhere. And now has their review up.

“I’ve been working professionally as a software engineer for several years and I learned more in the first 100 pages of this book than from my years of experience in the industry. Scott Berkun provides examples from real world experiences so you don’t have to make the same mistakes to learn what you should and shouldn’t do….”

5 Responses to “ArtofPM #2 on best seller list”

  1. Dave Corun

    Well ti’s no wonder. The book is excellent! I’m only half-way through and I’ve been marking it up w/ my highlighter for ‘things to remember’! Thanks for making such a wonderful resource!

  2. Kman

    WooHoo! Go Scott! The book rocks

  3. John M.

    Actually, as of a few minutes ago it was #1. That’s got to be cool.

  4. Lisa Sieverts

    How wonderful that the world-at-large is recognizing the value of this book. I’m a freelance project manager, PMP, and I also teach IT Project Management in a Masters program. I love your book! I always tell my students, “look it’s not rocket science — project management is all about using common sense.” You are better able to illustrate that point than the many other texts that I’ve used. Your book will definitely be on the reading list for my class.
    I’m looking forward to more, please work on filling up that bookshelf :-).

  5. Roslyn Aneshansley

    Enjoyed reading through this, very good stuff, thankyou . “The fox knows many things, but the hedgehog knows one big thing.” by Archilocus.


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