This week in ux-clinic: Superhero UX vs. conservatives

This week in the ux-clinic discussion group:

We’re a pair of UX folks (a designer and a usability engineer). We’ve teamed up to turn our team around, but despite our awesome talent combo, we’re spinning our wheels. The team had the good sense to hire both of us, but is fixated on tiny, short term, miniature UI developments. Big architecture work is added to the schedule easily, but all the UI bits are “tweak this”, “improve that”, or “provide a basic UI for new feature blah”.

Our team is smart and leaders are good – but they’ve never taken, or witnessed, a big bet on UI, despite the customer centric project goals. How do we use our powers, design or usability, to change our leadership psychology so that sizable UI/UX investments are part of the game?

— Superhero UX vs. the conservatives

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  1. Mark

    It just worked for me – I think I had a wonky Firefox extension that was causing problems for me in a couple of places.


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