Footnotes vs. Endnotes: Decision!

After the recent raging debate (35 comments) over notes, here’s what was decided:

The Myths of innovation book has both footnotes and endnotes, as follows:

  • The book uses footnotes for side-commentary and brief references.
  • There is an extended section of research notes, including an annotated bibliography, a ranked bibliography, and details of the research approach used in the book.

If you check out the book let me know what you think of the compromise.

2 Responses to “Footnotes vs. Endnotes: Decision!”

  1. Dion

    When I heard Edward Tufte speak, he thought notes should interrupt the paragraphs, instead of going to the bottom or the back. I can’t remember the reason though–he may have just stated it as a given: “The footnotes are at the bottom instead of where they belong in the middle.”



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