I will write you an essay – for free!

Confession: I am in serious essay debt and I need your help to get out.

The story: I made a commitment when I quit MSFT in 2003 to publish an essay a month on the website. That’s 12 a year. Here are my stats:

2006: 5 (!)
2005: 12
2004: 10

So I owe the universe or myself (whomever cares more), 9 essays. That’s right. Not to mention the 3 so far this year that haven’t materialized yet.

I have plenty of ideas, but I’m bored with my ideas. I want yours. That way I’m guaranteed at least one person other than myself will give a shit when I post the thing.

So here’s your chance: If you could rent my brain to write something, what would the title of the essay be? What topic do you think I’m chicken to write about? What mean scary question do you want me to answer?

Lets get it on!

242 Responses to “I will write you an essay – for free!”

  1. Zac Hoover

    The invention of the Novel

  2. Disha

    Topic for essay :-
    People often returning from abroad talk about the cleanliness there. Describe how the situation is different in India

  3. sneha yadav

    can u plz write an essay on topic “Are you free.” It should be of 500 words. I need it tomorro.

  4. brennan

    i need a five page sa on the ffa creed


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