Myths of Innovation #2 on

The slashdot review and everyone’s support pushed the Myths of Innovation up to a #98 sales rank, and the #2 slot for the entire Computer and Internet section! Thanks to everyone who’s spread the word and bought the book!


2 Responses to “Myths of Innovation #2 on”

  1. David Leadbitter

    just bought the book from amazon so hope that helps push to #97 overall.

    odd how that “sales rank” fluctuates so much in amazon throughout the day. i’ve seen it go higher and lower than 98 depending on time of day.

    on a separate note. I am curious to get your thoughts on a new WBA I have been using for collaboration/project management – CommuniClique ( how does this fit in with your thoughts on project management, innovation, etc..

  2. Scott

    Hey David – Thanks for the support!

    I’ll take a look at the link


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