The failure of Scolidays

With the end of year coming around, my highlights and lowlights for 2007 are coming to mind. One clear failure was my Scoliday project. In 2004 I set about creating my own holidays, to honor what I thought was important. I did them that year, fell off in 2005, and the started again in 2006 with a new list of days, some of which I celebrated.

Somehow in 2007 I didn’t even try.

I know a few folks did their own flavor of this idea, including antigeek, Konrad West, and more, and I hope they’ve faired better than I have.

I’m reading through my journals for 2007 and trying to see if I can figure it out.

Thoughts so far:

  1. I didn’t have any partners in crime. As an author/speaker dude, I work solo most of the time and suffer from solo project fatigue. Having a holiday buddy or something would probably up my odds.
  2. Perhaps I need a holiday every few months called called Celebrate all the holiday’s you’ve missed so far day. Build in a way to recover part way through the year.
  3. Use this blog as a forcing function – post a note on the day, and if I didn’t celebrate it, hang my head in shame online or donate money to charity for each day I let fly by.

I’m still in love with the idea – but trying to learn from my mistakes, and improve my commitment level for 2008.

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  1. bill rogers

    I know how it feels to not have partners in crime. Today is the second annual Silver Skull Day and I have maybe one other person I know observing. Anyway, I think it takes awhile for things to get out there in a more public way and circulate. Then all of a sudden you have something. I’m not really trying to take over the world with Silver Skull Day, but I am just letting you know not to give up on Scolidays and I’ll go back and check some of yours out.

    Silver Skull Day is each October 3rd and on it you decorate your house with silver skulls and listen to David Byrne’s THE FOREST.


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