The myths of innovation – the cover and reviews

Myths of Innovation, cover

The book has been sent to press – it’s all done! here are some details:

Book description: In The Myths of Innovation, bestselling author Scott Berkun takes a careful look at innovation history, including the software and Internet Age, to reveal how ideas truly become successful innovations-truths that people can apply to today’s challenges. Using dozens of examples from the history of technology, business, and the arts, you’ll learn how to convert the knowledge you have into ideas that can change the world.

Pre-orders available now. Book will be in stores first week in May.

And some early praise:

Insightful, inspiring, evocative, and just plain fun to read it’s totally great.”
— John Seely Brown, former Chief Scientist of Xerox, and Director, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center (PARC); current Chief of Confusion

Small, simple, powerful: an innovative book about innovation.
— Don Norman, Nielsen Norman Group, Northwestern University; author of Emotional Design and Design of Everyday Things

“The naked truth about innovation is ugly, funny, and eye-opening, but it sure isn’t what most of us have come to believe. With this book, Berkun sets us free to try to change the world unencumbered with misconceptions about how innovation happens.
— Guy Kawasaki, author of The Art of the Start

“Brimming with insights and historical examples, Berkun’s book not only debunks widely held myths about innovation but also points the ways toward making your new ideas stick. Even in today’s ultra-busy commercial world, reading this book will be time well spent.”
— Tom Kelley, GM, IDEO; author of The Ten Faces of Innovation

This book cuts through the hype, analyzes what is essential, and more importantly, what is not. You will leave with a thorough understanding of what really drives innovation.”
— Werner Vogels, CTO,

“I loved this book. It’s an easy-to-read playbook for anyone wanting to lead and manage positive change in their business.”
— Frank McDermott, Marketing Manager, EMI Music

And if that’s not enough, here’s the table of Contents.

Pre-orders on amazon available now. More info and teasers to come.

7 Responses to “The myths of innovation – the cover and reviews”

  1. Corinne S.

    Congratulations! Is an audio version in the works? If so, I’ll be your first listener. I love audio books. :-)

  2. Balaji Iyer

    Congrats! Great choice of subject coupled with lucid writing. Scott makes for great reading and practise !

  3. Kempton

    Congrats. Looking forward to checking out the book.

    P.S. Like the POT (Plain Old Telephone) on your book cover. (smile)

  4. dave

    Hi Scott

    Love the cover of the new book. Looking forward to reading the contents too!



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